Sunday, January 1, 2012

Now then... Where were we?

FADE IN:  Montage of turning calendar pages and changing seasons.

I am happy to be back and maybe, for a wee indulgent moment, to look back at 2011. 

I lost my dad in March.  He was a force of nature and until the day he died, I don't think I ever believed that he would.  He lived most of his 83 years, on his own terms.  And from all accounts, he died the same way.  He played golf, and won, twice that last week.  Then kind of as an afterthought, he went to the hospital, had a few surgeries and never woke up.  No long lingering illness.  No loss of dignity.  Just gently into that good night. 

A small orphaned part of me hopes that he was greeted at his destination by my mother.  My 1950 Kennywood Memories mother.  Young and gorgeous, they step into the photo booth.  She takes off her cat eye glasses and leans into his strong shoulder.  He pulls her close as they smile for the camera.  Snap.  Rest in Peace.


Many blessings in the New Year to you and all belonging to you.